Monday, November 19, 2012

Waking up to the sacred

by Gma 'grandma' KoKo author of More to Come

What’s available now is the resonance. We can only tune into these available frequencies through the sacred. The resonance affects both sacred, profane and everything in between. Yet it can only become malleable, focused creation in the hands of a co-creator tuned to the sacred. This resonance is divine energy and requires divinity. Anyone who is still operating at a lower frequency – “can’t touch this.”

Waking up to the sacred is a personal journey, something unique for each person to savor. If I tried to explain a kiss with words, or you wanted to know a kiss, you won’t find it by reading about it. The true nature of any kiss must be experienced, felt, and there are so many kinds of kisses. So it is with the sacred and your experience of waking into your own divinity. This blog called AWEspace and my website More to Come are dedicated to those of us awakening into the sacred, into the Mystic (intuition, intuitive) into the Visionary (seeing a new possible future).

Awakening by Ellen Vaman

To get us started, listen to this song called A “Thousand Years”, sung by Christina Perry and Steve Kazee. It is the hottest song of the moment from the newly released Twilight series movie aptly called “Breaking Dawn, part 2.” The overtone of the song offers the requisite calling to deep romantic love. The soulful melody and simple lyrics pull the soul to the sacred and emergent. Listen to it now as a song to awaken the sacred, along with the beautiful ballad to sacred love that it is. Realize that huge numbers of people, (this movie is off the charts successful in box office numbers) are becoming united by the experience of having been deeply touched by this song. Because of its placement in the movie, their hearts are open to possibilities: of love in diversity, the power of community specifically to overcome old regimes of outdated power no matter how powerful they seem, and the potential for something, a new form of life, entirely new and radiantly beautiful emerging. Hey, vampires and werewolves getting along, what next?

We wake up to sacred consciousness as a people (collective consciousness) and that has got to come about one person at a time. The sacred must live within a person before it can take life in the outer material existence. All that’s required is that you want it. Ask for the sacred to be revealed to you. Say to yourself, I want to awaken into a more sacred life. The universe will rush in to grant your request. Operators are standing by, literally. The resonate energy I mentioned earlier is like the best stuff ever and it is here now, everywhere, we are swimming in it. Each person makes the journey on their own terms, so I can’t say it will be exactly one way or another, that you should do any certain kind of practice. One person may benefit from meditation and breath work, another from long walks outside and dancing. Learning to listen to your own inner guides is an important part of awakening to the sacred.

Notice I am using the word sacred rather than spiritual or religious. We want to awaken into a direct connection with our self in relationship to all of creation as each may conceive of that. 

The UNIVERSAL LAW of consciousness
Note this is a LAW, not just a cute little fu-fu saying
Consciousness is what we choose to pay attention to.
Same thing said different

What we pay attention to is what we become conscious of.

Applying the universal law of consciousness:
Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being (consciousness) matters (materializes experiences). Redefine circumstances from a sacred state of being. When a person embraces a sacred way of life from within, from the inside out, then and ONLY then can the sacred become manifest.

Look at everything to find the sacred, and everything is love. To explore what is sacred in love is the life journey. Large emotional concepts are best served as poetry, even so words are never enough. The following poem came to me Sunday morning, 11-11-12, as I was waking up, letting the dogs out and staring out the back porch door window. The first few lines started a rhythm in my head, and the words were strange and old fashioned. I didn’t even know the actual meanings of some of them. As this was repeating in my head and getting louder, I realized it was a poem, found paper and pen and started writing. It all got written in a flurry of writing, looking words up and fitting in the rhymes. After I wrote it, I needed to read it a few times to even begin to understand what it meant. Note: definitions are provided following the poem. It was explained that the first verse says everything, the rest of the poem is just serving to explain what’s in the first verse. I continue to read the poem again and again and still get new meaning. Just now put a few last tweaks in. Clearly sacred love is not all fu-fu rose petal happy happy. None the less, before reading this poem called “Oh Sacred Love” we are invited to listen to a classic song called “The Rose” sung by Bette Midler, of course, joined by Wynona Judd. Listen for the sacred in this song, it is oozing out every pore.

Love is a flower and we are its only seed.

Oh Sacred Love        

Oh love, sacred love
Thou dost portend thee
Beleaguering thy vile recompense
Elixir of Ambrosia
Bequeath from your lips
Commands me to twirl mad cadence

If god’s made of love
All the lovers who have loved
Become god when the tribute turns to dust
Oh please kiss me now!
How strong is this love?
Brought forth now before the dusk

Springing forth from the dove
Re-maker of hearts
This poison that pleases the harp
Strings playing out
Echoes of deep torment
Recumbent to aim for the mark

Betwixt night and day
Before break of dawn
Your breath lingers close to my ear
I can not forget
What was forged beyond time
A’ fore the minions of dearth held us near

I swing and I sway
Not quite all awake
To late now to fall back asleep
Praying for mercy
Knowing you can
Realign all the stars when they weep

Oh foolish heart
Forgive my request
I never meant to betray you
Let the light now
Reveal into darkness
Let the – arrow to mark – fly most true

So until new day dawns
I know naught but thee
Vague illusion of where true self lies
None but you
I have always known
Can comfort all else but the cries.
                                               KoKo   11-11-2012

Am including a definition for some of the words to offer the type of definition I believe is meant to fit, and for your convenience so you don’t have to look them up as I did.

Portend – indicate by signs, bode or foreshadowing

Beleaguered – the action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place to isolate it while continuing attack.

Vile – despicable, worthless, nauseating

Recompense – noun: compensation for service or loss or injury
                        verb: make amends for

Elixir –  1. sweet flavored liquid to mask unpleasant taste
            2. hypothetical substance to change base metal into gold

Ambrosia – 1. the food or drink of Gods, mortals who ate it became immortal
                  2. mixture of nectar and pollen prepared by worker bees to feed larvae
note: this is similar to the Sanskrit word amrita which carries a similar, yet even deeper, meaning

Bequeath – leave or give by will after ones death

Cadence – a recurrent rhythmical series, could mean an act of falling

Recumbent – lying down, recline, in a position of comfort or rest

Betwixt – in an interval

Minion – a servile or fawning dependant, a follower devoted to serve the master relentlessly

Dearth – insufficiency, originally used by farmers when food was scarce

Is anything sacred these days? Take inventory in your own life. How do you spend your money and more importantly, how do you spend your time? Watch for what is sacred, what is profane and everything in between. Devise your own style of sacredness Geiger counter to measure your involvement with divinity.

What about money? 
“Until we can change the way money works, we change nothing.”
 Michael C. Ruppert also known as Tracker of Truth. 

Michael C. Ruppert offers a detailed perspective in an extraordinary speech delivered Sept 11, 2011 in Portland Oregon, called "Re-Writing Genesis One & The Forgiveness of Debt" available only at Collapse Net. There is a wonderful book by Charles Eisenstein called “SacredEconomics” There are many other books on the subject of money and how it can be better handled by local economies, barter, (my favorite) a gift economy and many more. Gene Logsdon wrote a rather long short story I love called “The Man Who Created Paradise” about the possibility of people living close to the earth and each other and not needing to use money.

What about food? 
Bad, SAD (standard American diet) food is responsible for more death and suffering than 9/11 and Hitler’s death camps combined, way more! That stuff they call food that’s grown awash in chemicals (animals in barbaric conditions called CAFO), trucked all over the place, prepared in factories about as devoid of loving care as can be. Then wrapped in plastic and cardboard to become as un-fresh as possible, till it gets to the stomach and much of it actually sucks nourishment out of the body. Oh yeah, don’t get me started on that rant! Better get sacred vibes into the food quick. Grow your own in enriched soil. Eat local food so you know who is producing it. The really great news is that the sacred food is so much better. We must move toward bio-diversity, permaculture edible forest gardens, and most important growing food for taste. Tasty food will save the planet, one bite at a time.

What about sex and sexuality? 
I say this is the biggest part of our problems and few are looking at it as a problem, much less working toward positive solutions. Profane sex profoundly impacts the basic core, the definition of self as human. The military-industrial-culture has managed to control and repress the very nature of sexual expression. It has denatured sexual essence to a base offering of pornography and oh my how the money rolls in. Sacred sexuality holds the promise of a brighter future.

Om that note, the next song “Falling Slowly” is in my opinion the quintessential sacred songs for this time on planet earth. Please take a moment to let me know your favorite songs by leaving a comment. 

Take this sinking ship and point it home we still have time.

Well fellow campers, glad your still here. It seems as we awaken to the issues of the planet; that Gaia has been plundered and spat upon, her glorious mountains stripped, her lungs (forests) cut away, her oceans and waterways made filthy, her beloved living children made extinct by the ruthless ignorant greed, just to name a few of the seemingly unending list of atrocities playing out on this planet that will soon be uninhabitable by humans, - it seems our only recourse is to plead for mercy and forgiveness then ask for divine guidance. What we need is a miracle.

Awakening to the sacred doesn't mean that we forget about or gloss over these imperative issues of our day. We must keep out hands, heart and mind open to what must be done to bring about the new age, could it be an Age of Beauty? Stirring up the sacred, stepping into our highest divinity is our birthright, it has never left us. A strong sacred collective consciousness, so many of us actively using our full co-creative powers is a force of nature to be reckoned with. It may become the miracle we so desperately pray for.

Becoming into a sacred lifestyle doesn't have to be all somber and quiet like Benedictine monks. Quite the opposite, in fact it relates more towards living life fully and joyously. On that note here is a fun song. Take off your shoes, feel the squishy mud between your toes. I was feeling out of touch with what younger folks are listening to, so I asked my nice niece Helen about her favorite love songs. Helen is all heart, a real sweetheart, so I knew she would know. Many people, like Helen are just plain seated in sacred divinity because it was never unlearned. Thanks Helen for this recommendation. “How Country Feels” performed by Randy Houser

Some of you reading this will be at various stages of waking up to the sacred. We are all born fully awake to the sacred, and then it can sometimes seem to leak out over time. Be advised there are many, MANY among us who hold power and live in a sacred way. We are legion in numbers spread all over the globe, People quietly going about the business of building a life close to the Earth and filled with Love. When the time is ripe, these many hands with loving hearts will catch our fall as we witness the crumble of whatever you want to call this mess. I prefer to call it the military-industrial-culture, because to me there is nothing civilized about industrial civilization, it is barbarian to its core, but it has become a seemingly inescapable lifestyle choice. It is a choice, we choose, every moment we can choose! Love or fear? Choose! Love or fear?  Choose! Finding the sacred within ourselves – priceless.

So lets join John Lennon and the so many more who can Imagine…all the people living for today… Aha-a-a

Now, let it be. As we wake to the sacred, so it becomes time to manifest the dream.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – All are related

This last gift of song is from Carrie Underwood called “There’s a Place for Us”

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