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The Letter He Read - how we met

Of course I fell in love with Mr. Ruppert (like many other fans) when I watched the Collapse DVD in 2010. Yes, he had me at Collapse. (Joke is a well known line from the Jerry McGuire movie where she says, “He had me at hello.”) Falling in love with heroes on the big silver screen seems like a familiar and safe thing to do, never expecting to ever meet and get to know the real person behind the celebrity. I do remember I was just starting to write, or rather in the thick of writing “More to Come” a story about what life might be like after ‘these times’.

I started listening to the Lifeboat Hour in the spring of 2012 when Guy McPherson was a guest and Mike was still at CollapseNet. From then on I listened to every show without fail and started to use FaceBook to join the clan. One of the things Mike and Guy talked about on that show was speculating about the future, after collapse, way in the future, what life might be like after the collapse of the military industrial complex. Neither of them seemed to have a vision for it at that time. I sent Michael an email then, probably addressed via CollapseNet to tell him about my vision and writing, if he ever got it, it went unanswered.

As background information, I have spent most of my life doing what I call research into all kinds of topics, whatever is of interest to me at the time I will investigate until satisfied or ready to move on. Lifelong learning some call this. And for fun I study Sanskrit…that’s an inside joke my daughter made up. I love Sanskrit for many reasons, and mostly ‘study’ it by chanting and playing recordings. My sister is the bona fide Sanskrit scholar, but that’s another story. So in August of 2012 I got ‘woke up’…as in…”wake up! Wake up! Wake UP!” by watching a Pleiadian YouTube video. It felt like an insatiable thirst to know more about… what to even call it. I put together these three words, Ascension, Wayseer, and Emergence to form AWE and would soon name this blog AWEspace.

At that time I had already done a fair amount of research into what was going on. Mayan prophesies…Christian rapture…Natïve American myth and legend. So, the ‘wake up call’ there in August of 2012 was really just a significant stepping up of the game. I started watching lots of YouTube videos on the subject. YouTube is great that way, watch any video and YouTube kindly suggests others like it. So I was off and running.

I was especially drawn to Jose Arguelles, specifically his books “Manifesto for the Noosphere” and “Surfers of the Zuvuya”, along with numerous YouTube videos of him. I especially like one where he plays a double ocarina (flute) at the beginning. At the time I sent this letter to Michael C. Ruppert I had been reading in the book “Surfers of the Zuvuya”, where Jose Arguelles talks about we all have a 5D guide, maybe like a guardian angel.  And this 5D guide, or more like part of our own self is supposedly very powerful and like connected to Galactic Central. So I thought, what the heck, let’s give this a try out, a test run, so to speak. As I mailed the letter I asked my 5D guide to assist in its delivery, make sure he got it this time.   

He starts reading the letter about 6 minutes into the show.

Imagine my surprise when he actually read it on air. It was the show dated 9-9-2012, and he reads it in the first 10 minutes. Afterward, I said to myself, “OK so he’s not ‘really’ doing anything.” I proceeded to write him another rather long handwritten letter to share the things I was looking at or had found to be relevant. And we were off and running, more on that later.

What stands out for me now is that I really barely knew him or his past at the time we started our friendship, so I was able to relate to him as just another person, and a colleague. My private nick-name, for him or code name rather, during our first months of getting to know one another was, ‘stinky white man’. (he never knew that) He was to earn a variety of code names during our time together…in the end it had settled back to Mr. Stinky, a term of endearment.

As I look back now and attempt to describe the nature of our time together and our relationship, it was many things to me, but overall we were simply fellow researchers. He used the term scout, but I like the term researching. I am now saying to people, when I feel like it, “I have spent the last two years researching Collapse, Transition and the Shift. The research is complete and I am in a process of typing in the notes.”  I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to Mr. Ruppert for so many things, most especially so, my own healing, inner healing.

Now I am calling myself a Cultural Engineer. Who even knew there was such a thing? Since the problem is with the culture, then we just got to engineer the change. Piece of Cake (or pie) …more to come on that!

The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

The Letter He Read or how we met Michael C. Ruppert reads Gma KoKo's letter 09-09-2012

Gma KoKo

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  1. Lucky Seven minutes into show to hear the letter. The stars "milky way clarity" in Colorado were his 5th Dimension. Yours is from research going deep into the mind of matter...reaching the energy that makes us all.