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Brown Mountain Lights

By Grandma KoKo, September 17, 2016 - author of "More to Come" a view of the possibility of peaceful existence on this paradise of a planet.

The Brown Mountain Lights first came to my attention sometime in late July when my friend Marco sent an email. He had traveled by wild rafting to a central location of the Pan American primal jungle. Choosing an area rarely visited by humans as a great place to meditate and entertain visions, with the intent of connecting deeply to MOTHER. One of the insights had to do with our going to Brown Mountain next summer. Sounded intriguing and fun, as you can imagine; count me in!

Brown Mountain Overlook off Highway 181,
Linville Falls and Morganton, closer to Linville Falls.

A quick trip into Google search offered a lot of information about this amazing phenomenon. These lights have been seen and recorded going back hundreds of years. No one seems to have an explanation for them, and many generically call them ghost lights. Scientist have studied these lights and come up empty handed. People have created legends and lore. Some say it has to do with the devil or devil worshippers, some explain it as dead souls roaming around, like ghosts. There were even videos, taken by researchers. They showed white round globes, not really doing much.

About two weeks later, Marco had a change in travel plans. He was scheduled to be in Washington, DC for a couple nights before traveling via the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway to his next engagement. Three of the 6 nights camping were selected to be near Brown Mountain. He invited me to accompany him. Big thrill for KoKo, oh yeah!

Grandma KoKo and Ranger Marco, picture taken in front of the White House, August 20, 2016.

Washington, DC was intense with a lot of sight-seeing and information about both history and current affairs of the Military-Industrial Complex. Staying in a penthouse suite high atop the Crystal Gateway Marriot, we could look out the window and see a tip end of the pentagon, (the pentagon was walking distance from where we were) and many other large buildings, each one the headquarters of  one of the big players in this mess. We also saw the full moon rising over everything.

Was glad to leave the city behind and head for the mountains. Driving slowly through the mountains and camping was dreamlike. Beautiful panoramic views at every turn, deer by the road that don’t even seem to notice the car driving by, it was certainly worth the trip. Best of all were the interesting conversations Marco and I were having. The first night camping near Brown Mountain, we arrived way after dark. So no going to see the lights that night. The next night we located a popular place to watch Brown Mountain, a scenic overlook directly off the Blue Ridge Parkway called BEACON HILL. We decided not to stay past dark to watch for the lights because the path seemed long, (0.2 miles seems longer on these mountain trails, especially to Grandma KoKo) and a bit treacherous. We hadn’t thought to bring the proper gear, hiking boots and flashlights needed to travel the path in the dark. Was interesting to note how many people were arriving and hiking up the trail, mostly young folks. I would estimate at least 20-30 folks up there on Beacon Hill watching for the lights, kind of like a little party.

Our last night camping, we decided to relax, stay close to the home fire, not attempt to find another lookout, then stay up late to watch for lights that most likely would not even show. After all, most of the time people DON’T see them. Marco was taking about maybe seeing them next summer. It was OK with me. He was leaving the next day and I was free to stay in the area. I was also intrigued by Grandfather Mountain and wanted to spend some more time exploring. I could watch for the lights another night.  We spent the evening talking and staring at the fire. As it turns out, we both LOVE to sit and stare at fire. There is so much to see in the flames of the fire.

The next afternoon we said farewell to one another. Earlier that morning I had talked with a local gentleman who was out fishing. He had seen the lights personally and told me about  the lookout where he had seen them. It was the Brown Mountain Overlook off Highway 181, located between Linville Falls and Morganton. There was only one outlook, he said, probably closer to Linville Falls.

 I had already talked with a few other locals who had seen the lights. Every person lit up happily at the mention of the lights. Proud to say they had seen them. Often asking others around if they had seen them, most people hadn’t. The fisherman had seen them as a child with his grandfather who was into this stuff. His wife is not into this stuff, so he hasn’t been that interested as an adult to try and see them again.

Famous Louise's RockHouse Restaurant is located in Linville Falls, North Carolina.
This is the place to go for great food and friendly local folks.  

Famous Louise, the founder of Famous Louise’s Roadside Café, located in Linville Falls, recently celebrated her 83rd birthday and was delighted to talk about her experience. She was just a girl, watching with her family. She was happily excited and shared that they were white globes of light and they just kind of rose upward…then…they G0 UP! (poof) She gestured with her hands and eyes to indicate that they kind of disappeared, UP! I asked her if she had a clue where they went. She shook her head slightly and her eyes told me she kind of knew but couldn’t find words. Out of sight, for sure, but not out of mind.

Of the handful of local folks I talked with who had seen the lights there seemed to be some common threads. They all LIT UP at the mention of the lights. They LOVED telling their story about it. They all seemed unable to provide much in the way of specific detail, but the strength of their positive experience was still very vibrant, despite in some cases the experience having been a long time ago. The stories were somewhat similar, yet there were noticeable variations in the way the lights were explained.

Before Marco took off, we talked about my going to the lookout that night and he suggested that I camp right there at the scenic turn out. Sounded like a good plan to me. Absolutely do not like driving the curvy mountain roads at night. I got there a few hours before sundown. Turns out it wasn’t that far from Linville Falls. Had a bite to eat, relaxed and waited for sundown. Sundown in the mountains is a fabulous show, and from that perch it was spectacular.

Lots of traffic stopping at the outlook until it got really dark. By 9:00 pm there were maybe 10-12 cars parked, all staying in hopes of seeing the lights. Most cars had more than one person. A few were pick-up trucks and backed in to park so they could sit in the back of the pick-up bed to see the view better. Some of the people were clumped together talking while we waited. I had picked out the best spot for my chair and was meditating on the mountains and everything else.

There was a gentleman standing just a few feet from my chair. At first, we exchanged pleasantries, and then were mostly silent. At one point he commented on hearing some Harley Davidson motorcycles in the distance. They do have a distinctive sound. Time went by and I forgot about that, so the first time he said excitedly, “There they are!” I thought he meant the lights and he was talking about the motorcycles had driven up. So when he said it again, even more excited, I couldn’t believe my luck. “There they are! That’s them! See the lights there, moving?”

Good thing he was there, I wouldn’t have seen them as soon as he did. There had been two small lights, stationary on the little ‘hill’ to the left of Brown Mountain. Kind of behind there was the more distant lights of a small town. The somewhat brighter light was white and a smaller red light to the left. I had been seeing those two lights all along, and that was where the action was. Skeptical at first, I squinted and tried to see what he was seeing. Little dots of light, so far away, barely a speck. My binoculars in the car came to mind. Why hadn’t I thought to bring them? I sprinted to the car to get them. So glad I did. A few other folks wanted to look thru the binoculars, and I settled back into my chair where I could better steady and focus the binoculars.

DISCLAIMER: Before I continue with the physical narrative there is something to ‘reveal’ or talk about. Based on my experience of the ‘event’, and my desire to remember it and write about it, I’m coming up with some possible strange explanations. First of all, am proposing that all viewers of this phenomenon are ‘drugged’ somehow by the experience of CONTACT with ‘something other’ that I will call inter-dimensional. First the euphoria of “I SEE THE LIGHTS!” continues with a most blissful feeling and I sense a big dose of…you will forget-about-it. You will not really remember what you have seen, except an exceptional, memorable light show. As I try now to describe it in detail, as I knew I would want to as I watched, there are various details that do not resolve or make sense. Perhaps I was viewing with both my outer eyes and my inner eye. Perhaps the state of AWE swept me to a non-verbal space where understanding certain things is different. I do remember specific ‘real’ points, a lot of them, but much of what should be in-between there seems a blur. That’s the disclaimer. Note: I plan to go deeper into the inter-dimensional analysis after completing the 3-D narrative.

View of Brown Mountain. The numbers 2-4 indicate the relative position of the craft. It first appeared to the left and stayed in that area for a number of minutes, then center for a few more, before ending in the right side of the sky. I believe it may have been farther away in position 2 and closer in position 4. Having used Photoshop to prepare the graphic, I drew in my version of the dancing lights. They are on that ‘bump’ to the left of Brown Mountain. Tiny hints of light and color that do seem to almost move/dance. They are so very far away to see with the naked eye. Even with the binoculars, they were still very far away.

So the first part, maybe 5 minutes or more was just the lights on the hill. That dance continued until I don’t know when, because the other ‘show’ began in the sky. The craft first appeared approximately where the 2 is in the left portion of the sky. The dancing lights on the hill probably continued while the craft was manipulating. I use the word manipulate because sometimes it would disappear then reappear, same place, often somewhere else. It would slide swiftly in a straight line to get to another place then be stationary. It would glow and kind of dim. Sometimes it would disappear altogether for what seemed like a while. So it was easy to keep an eye on the lights on the hill, also moving/dancing. The performance of the craft in the sky at position 4 was riveting, could not take my eyes away. It seemed so close. Like seeing the feathers on a bird while bird watching. I wanted to remember every detail. When that craft was gone, so were the lights on the hill. I felt a significant kind of sadness when it finally flickered out, gone, done. Desperately, I scanned the place where the lights had been dancing. There it looked exactly as it had before. I felt a deep emptiness or rather longing. The expected ‘down’ from the euphoria? I was glad to be camping there so I could spend more time with the experience of mountain magic, including sunrise, feeling blessed, grateful and loved by our Mother.

Drawing by Grandma KoKo after seeing this object in the sky above Brown Mountain
10:00 p.m. Saturday night, August 27, 2016.

Apx 16 minutes total, divided into 4 parts approximately 4 minutes each.
Part 1 – lights dancing on hill (continues through to at least part 3)
Part 2 – craft appears around position 2 in sky, stage left. It first looks like just a bright star, maybe jet? Then it starts doing strange things, detailed below. We are very sure it is a ‘special’ craft while it is still in position 2
Part 3 – Craft moves to around position 3 in sky, center stage. It continues doing strange things and could have been getting bigger. I only see it as a bright light, nothing seemingly discernibly.
Part 4 – Craft moves to position 4 in sky, stage right. I am able to clearly see the object as I have drawn it. I am able to stare at it. It does the ‘jiggle thing’.

Sensing of time relativity:
Part 1 was the longest, Part 2 was also longer. Part 3 was the shortest and Part 4 was kind of longer than Part 3, but not much.
Perhaps Part 1=6 minutes, Part 2= 5 minutes, Part 3=2 minutes, part 4=3 minutes

It starts with the guy who sees it first and announces it. Others, about 10-12 people come over to gather around. There are some more people who do not come over. He goes to get his wife who is waiting in the car. I’m squinting and trying to see something, little lights, moving a little. Oh yeah, I guess I see it. Still kind of looks like it could be just a vehicle or something, far away. Not really looking so spectacular. I remember my binoculars in the car and wish I had them. Not wanting to miss a second of the show, I hesitate, plan the logistics. Could get them out of the car quickly, know just where they are. Remember people saying the show lasts for a while, some minutes at least. I sprint to the car and back. Naturally some others want to see through the binoculars, so it was a matter of minutes before settling back into the chair for a real good watch.

So during part 1, the lights are just beginning to move around and more lights gradually seem to appear. Not sure how many lights total; at some point it kind of blurs into light patterns. At first our group is talking about it. “Did you see that?” or “Wow, what was that?” Each event I was seeing was echoed by the commentary of the group.

As the craft in the left sky become increasingly prominent, (Part 2) we were watching both spaces. In a short matter of time it clearly was ‘something else’. At first it seemed to grow brighter in a stationary stance. It would entirely disappear; flash off, sometimes for a matter of seemingly long seconds. Then like a little surprise, it would flash on, this time brighter, perhaps, or in a place some distance from where it had been. It may have been steadily growing bigger and brighter. Then, to our amazement, it did a ‘slide’. It moved directly and quickly to some other point along what seemed a very straight trajectory. It was entertaining us in position 2, before disappearing and this time reappearing in position 3. It continued much the same antics, perhaps more and faster. The object displayed markedly bigger and brighter in the center of the sky, (position 3) still not discernible as anything other than a bright star, even with binoculars.

The commentary of the folks gathered trailed off and we were all just watching in awe. Sometime near the end of part 2, or more likely into part 3, we had all fallen into a hushed silence when the young girl exclaimed so sweetly. “They’re dancing on the mountain.” Reverence mixed with the excitement in her voice. Myself and others immediately echoed the statement. So true, so well put. It absolutely looked like dancing even though it seemed to start as dots. Dancing colors like an Art Deco depiction of flames from a fire.

After the bright, funny star/craft moved to the right side of the sky, I could see it so plainly. Focusing the binoculars and attempting to etch every detail into my memory banks. I don’t remember it getting bigger or smaller, but maybe a little. There was what is best described as billiard balls, rolling around, at least rotating, some kind of motion and flashing lights, glimmering, shining, radiating, brilliant pool balls, spheres. They were contained in a golden structure with tiers to hold the balls. It was shaped maybe like an acorn with a kind of long seed. The top or roof was a glow. It was more of a white light, but to draw it the yellow/gold color shows better. The whole thing was BUSY!!!

This graphic shows relative size of how the object appeared. I was able to focus in to really see some detail, just like I do when bird watching. Binoculars: Nikon Trailblazer

The top was in motion or flashing colors, it seemed a little like the roof of a carousel. I was surprised by all the gaudy-bright full pigment colors, seemingly embedded in the balls like flashes of accent color. These vibrant colors were active in the top/roof, radiating from the top point down, wave of color flashes formed lines like rafters to move around, giving the top/roof an illusion of motion. It almost would look like the object had 3-d depth, yet I knew it was not twirling around. Knew it was somehow flat, well not really flat, more like a pancake with a little dimension, primarily around the edges.

I was reminded of a scientific type drawing of an amoeba or single cell. The drawing looks 2-D, a 2-D slice thru a 3-D object. Perhaps the image I was seeing was some sort of ‘dimensional slice’, a 3-D representation of a x-D object.

It could have been rotating around like a carousel as anyone might have expected. Based on what I actually remember seeing; it would be hard to really know for sure. My logic supposes; if it was rotating around, I would have expected the edges to rotate around as crossbars to hold up the tiers. Perhaps the tiers are supported by a central attachment. I suppose the tiers of balls could be rotating around inside the frame of the edges. So that would mean the object aligned just right in the sky for me to see it straight on, with edges on side. I wondered what other people saw, viewing from other mountain look-outs.

And then it happened, the ‘jiggle’. While others were exclaiming, or catching their breath, I was sure I had simply jiggled the binoculars. It looked just like that, except it felt bigger, a little strange. I made sure to brace my binoculars carefully. It happened again.

The ‘jiggle’.
The actual ‘jiggle’ had many more vectors (lines), seemingly composed of the light trail of the object as a ‘dot’. The lines were actually thinner and a tad jagged with orange and black edge to the mostly LIGHT quality of the trails. The whole ‘jiggle’ happened quickly, in a microsecond, fraction of a second. Don’t blink, you would miss it entirely. After the ‘jiggle’ the object reappeared, looking all innocent, like nothing at all had happened. The trails disappeared as the object reappeared.

The ‘jiggle’.
The entire jiggle happened so fast, less than a second.
The object disappeared entirely. The dot of light it seemed to become traveled fast, leaving a trail of light to mark its path. There was definite color to the ‘trail/tail’ of light, it was a thin white line stroked with jagged orange edges, and a small black line edging the orange. The dot did seem to have a little width, the colorful ‘trails’ it left seemed wider. The trails disappeared as the object reappeared. There were at least 6, maybe as many as 8 jiggles before the show was over. After one of the ‘jiggles’, the same man even exclaimed, “I saw it! With my own eyes.”

In between the ‘jiggles’, I could watch and stare and wonder. The craft would also disappear, just blink out for a while then reappear, sometimes at a somewhat different location. Enthralling, exciting, full of surprises, the show seemed to go on and on. And then it was over. No fade to black, just gone. Those of us there mingled and talked for a long time, 20-30 minutes. I talked a lot with the woman who was the wife of the guy who saw it first. I wish I had gotten their contact information. It was fun to be able to talk about the experience and other related topics. Most of those people headed for home before long. Yet a few stayed and a few more came through the night to sit and watch for the lights.

It was disturbing and interesting that about the time the light show was ending the same girl who had exclaimed excitedly about seeing the dancing lights started to get freaked out. She was scared because apparently there are also rumors that people disappear, get abducted perhaps. Folks found gone while their car doors are left open. She was worried and fearful that something bad might happen to her. The reassurances from her people seemed only mildly effective. Some folks even think the lights have something to do with the devil or devil worship.

Inter-dimensional details, observations, proposals:
My first thought was it was some kind of medallion, or medal. Also considered it could be a chalice, as there had been mention of a chalice recently. It did seem to be pouring forth something, but the feeling was more emitting than pouring. Later I settled on the notion of bus, transport vehicle of some sort. It also seemed like a lamp or light.

Examining the nature of inter-dimensional objects meant for transport:
Was it 3-D round? It seemed more 2-D yet it had some depth, like flat pancake with contours. It looked like it should be rotating like a carousel, yet my sensing was more about the activity inside a cell given a 2-D slice of a 3-D organism. When I wondered about this, was told it has to do with inter-dimensional travel to serve as rev-up by moving through augmented dimensional space. Think about each ‘hitch’ (like push from lower dimension) gives a ‘push’ into the hyperspace that allows travel to other places. Not sure that means anything to me, but it kind of does. Basically a stair step process.
Object 2-D < 3-D < 4-D < 5-D < …..

I wondered about the motion of the balls, especially as I went to draw the picture of the object. Initially, I had assumed that they rolled around each other on their tier. Sensing the balls can move any direction, they can pass through one another, go left, right, up down, sideways. Yet there is a sense of formation and consistent motion. The balls of light have freedom to move and pass, while following cosmic controls or rules. Balls motion is every direction. The golden edges along side and forming the tiers are there like a light corral, to keep ‘things’ contained. To provide boundary, not restriction of motion within, they are only a 3-D representation of substance. These ‘edges’ are meant to be entirely permeable to allow easier embarking and disembarking at each multi-dimensional stop.

Got an image of the vehicle being “powered/force field activated” by a column of light in the center. That is the glowing light seen mostly at the top and some at the bottom. The light tube/cylinder provides all function we might imagine from a fuel. It also offers a form of gravity or rather attractor factor. This is the more powerful feature, to attract and then release. The passenger orbs are held in the vehicle in this manner.

It could be like a lamp because it was so full of light.
It felt more like a bus, a bus for spheres, balls of light. Perhaps they are both coming and going. Maybe it was letting off passengers and then picking them up. Could be the bus was just moving them around the mountain.

To consider that ET would pick a wonderful mountain area to establish a bus stop is not as far fetched as one might first imagine. During a talk by Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian yogi, mystic and author commonly known as Sadhguru by his followers, he spoke about ETs in the Himalayan Mountains. He had spent significant time living and meditating in the Himalayans. He called it a bus stop. So many beings of all kinds, coming and going. He said our concept of ET is very narrow and kind of humorous. Little green men, ha, ha! He talked about so many different realms, so many amazing ‘possibilities’ for the nature of being. He verified that there are all kinds of ETs all around us, all the time.

Even as I finish writing this I still say to myself, that was so unreal, what an odd thing. And I want to forget about it and not really talk about it. How weird is that?


Anyway, now I can truthfully say, “I have been to the mountain and I have seen the lights dancing.”

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