Monday, September 17, 2018

We the People: Pull the Plug on the Power of Profiteering

By Grandma KoKo, September 11, 2018

We the People are forming a more perfect union: We love the earth, each other and expect a fair share. We need a stable climate with clean water, air, food and Justice for all. 
No taxation without representation. Corporations are not people  [1]
We are the people who believe:
  - We are far greater than we can even imagine.
  - No one is smarter than ALL of us.
  - Corporations are not people.
  - Together we can find a way to build a better set of living arrangements.

We will improve the political and economic landscape
Our political and economic decisions must be based on whether the result will help the earth and all the biological web of life (including humans), who depend on a stable environment. We must look at natural law and actual available resources for determining our actions. It is time to form collective agreement to balance profiteering corruption with compassion and Fair Share.

We are the People who Love the Earth. We are committed to ending the corruption, wasteful and polluting practices while installing better ways to manage things. We can no longer afford to allow monetary concerns to run the show.

What if? Imagine we don’t do things for money. We do things because we want to and it’s the right thing to do. Integrity and authenticity replace greed and hate. And the world will live as one. Imagine That!

This is a call to action, giving voice to reason.  Reinventing the way we use money.


We require clean air and water on a habitable planet.
To achieve this goal requires immediate action. The people must work together to manage the power of profiteering and make decisions based on all of us sharing the earth. Corporate control and the Ponzi schemes involved with so many aspects of our livelihood must come to a halt. We the People can and will do what’s necessary to first stop the harm and work together to clean up the mess.

Worst Offender, least needed:  Nuclear Power Plants must shut down
Where to start in all this chaos and confusion, so many problems? To turn the tide of destruction and toxic waste we’ve got to start somewhere. Grab the Bull by the horns. Nuclear Power Plants are the worst, most dangerous to operate, producing horrible toxic waste with no good plan about what to do with it, accidents are unthinkably catastrophic. We turn the tide of profiteering by closing nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power is responsible for less than 15% of all energy production. Nuclear power plants can be easily replaced by something else, or better yet, not needed. When people are allowed to live off grid and encouraged to form thriving communities, less load will be required from the power grid. Nuclear power plants were never a good idea except for the people who benefited monetarily. Now with a planet in climate chaos, the possibility of excessive heat waves, beyond what the facilities have been designed for, are already here and getting worse. The meltdown of reactors from excessive heat must be prevented.

The continuing operation of nuclear power plants is a criminal act toward every living thing.

“I foolishly once believed the myth that nuclear energy is clean and safe. 
That myth has completely broken down. Restarting nuclear reactors while we 
still have no place to dispose nuclear waste is a criminal act toward future generations.”
~ Morihiro Hosokawa,  79th Prime Minister of Japan
Awareness will grow about Money Bullies; the Plundering Pirates of Profiteering
As We the People take the necessary steps to safely decommission the nuclear power plants, awareness will grow about changing the rest of the mess. It is the process of asserting an alternate pressure to manage the problems that allows us to begin to change the course of our present cultural dilemma. Success with decommissioning the Nuclear Plants allows us to pinpoint other areas to adjust the way we do business. It’s a long list of problems created by our current set of living arrangements. We want to start with the worst offender and least necessary practice, the operation of nuclear power plants. 

Nuclear Power Plants are Risky Business. There are better ways to ‘boil water’.
TEPCO, owner of the nuclear plants that failed at Fukushima
March 11, 2011 is not responsible for the released radiation.
The use of Nuclear Power Plants puts people and the planet at GREAT RISK. The propaganda of EMPIRE strives to have us believe it is a safe and less polluting fuel.[2]  Everything about Nuclear Power Plants is WRONG: from mining the uranium, building the huge monolithic mistakes,  running them and releasing all manner of radioactive byproducts, some never before known on this planet and then there is the problem of where to put all that radioactive waste material. Old nuclear plants are kept running way past their intended life with little repair or oversight. Owners are not responsible for their mess.

Accidents Happen
The disaster at Fukushima released unacceptable levels of radioactive contaminants on March 11, 2011. The nuclear reactors were ‘lost’ and can’t be found. The groundwater continues to release radioactive waste. The orchestrated cover up of the disaster includes Japan passing a state secrets law making it illegal for reporters to share information about Fukushima.[3]   We can no longer afford to live with the threat of the inevitable 'accident' of operating nuclear reactors. 

Excessive heat from Climate Change threatens the stability of reactors and cooling systems.
When there is any reason the supply of electricity is disturbed, and/or global temperatures spike, requiring more cooling than possible, both the reactors and the cooling ponds for spent fuel are at risk. Electricity is needed to cool the spent fuel ponds to keep the stored waste from releasing. Current backup plans are inadequate for the extra heat projected in the next few years. We are sitting on a time bomb and the clock is ticking. [4],[5]

We the People need and deserve a habitable planet free from the threat of nuclear annihilation. 


We hold these truths to be self evident:
All people are created equal, and we are empowered by certain unalienable Earth-Birth-Rights, that among these are Loving and caring for one another, living on a planet with fresh air, clean water, non-toxic soil, enjoying wild, open spaces and the opportunity to bloom as co-creators.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Love and Happiness
Essential to Life is clean air and soil, water we can drink and a stable climate. Essential to Liberty is the opportunity for Peace. It seems most people believe the pursuit of Happiness means the pursuit of hoarding a lot of Money. Happiness is intricately woven into the fabric of compassion and love. Only love can heal the planet of love. We the People are replacing the dominant culture of domination as we grow into a culture based on COMPASSION.

Happiness depends not upon material comfort but upon the mind.
Seek the source of the mind and build your life on that.  [6]

Love and only love can heal the planet of love.
When we strive to fight against a system of domination we can only be absorbed by the fight. We walk away from ‘it all’ by simply choosing a life of love, caring, sharing and joy. Living in joy and happiness is a choice we can make, regardless of the amount of $$$ in our pocket, bank account or stock portfolio.

WE CAN make better choices. Choosing to live a life that enhances aspects of LOVE, compassion, understanding, intimacy and Eros will bring welcome relief. We are tired of the stressful life of fear and worry, greed and hate perpetrated and demanded by the harsh pace of the business of making money. As we walk away from lives of captivity and servitude we have the opportunity to co-create tools, technologies and methodologies to arrive at places where we can learn to live together in a comfortable way, satisfactory for all people, not just the wealthy.

Changing the ‘political-economic-cultural’ landscape
Replace Profiteering and Corruption with Compassion and Fair Share.
An economic system based on the profit of a few while many are suffering is not working.[7]  We the People are co-creating a better method of currency exchange, based on actual resources and wise distribution. We do not accept the prevailing economic methods of high finance such as: fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, quantitative easing, and compound interest to name a few. These profiteering mechanisms of greed, hate, fear and worry are no longer serving us.

Pillage, Plunder, Murder and Large Amounts of Waste
In the name of profit, much mischief, mayhem and large amounts of waste have become woven into our lives. The outright malicious and murderous intentions brought forth by the rampant profiteering must end. For example, lands have been pillaged and destroyed, people have been intentionally placed in harms way. That’s usually called theft, assault and murder, but not when it is perpetrated by the Bullies of Money who are above the law. One of countless examples is The Burn Pits. [8],[9]

Above the Law
Our culture/society perceives people with more money as being smarter, faster, better than people who don’t have so much money. People with more money just seem to have more advantages. Yet studies show, the more money a person has the more they believe they are ‘above the law’ and can avoid criminal prosecution. [10],[11]  Then we have corporations, which are doing what they want and making or changing laws to have it their way.

The ruling persons (whoever they are, the people who have hoarded billions of dollars, probably hiding under the disguise of corporate personage) effectively change laws to accommodate actions that are immoral and SHOULD be against the law. The Price–Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act says the nuclear industry is not responsible for their mess.[12]  The ‘Halliburton Loophole’ gives the fracking industry permission for unlimited pollution.[13] The blatant disrespect of ALL LIFE has become alarmingly dangerous. They have gotten away with so many crimes, most notable the attacks staged on 9-11. [14]  It seems ‘they’ can commit any crime with impunity.

“Hoping we can keep this whole thing under control after the police find out we’re stealing their pensions!”

Who is in control?
So many rapid changes are happening, often with unexpected results. Old patterns no longer apply. We would like to think someone is looking out for our best interests. If there is any person or persons in charge or who have control, let’s face it, they are doing a lousy job. [15],[16]

Newer technologies are greatly impacting our set of living arrangements. Artificial Intelligence being one example of increasing ‘control’ over our societal structures.[17],[18]  The recent emergence of so much new technology has happened quickly without allowing time to consider the ramifications or plan for a more mature approach to employing the advanced options. Like when a teenager gets into puberty and suddenly so much more is happening they are likely to make a mess before getting things figured out. It’s time for us to be cleaning up the mess and planning for a future that can integrate the technologies in a good way for all people.

Businesses responsible for  poisoning our earth, air and water, extracting the natural resources and requiring sweat shop labor worse than slavery, are criminal. This is murder of the Planet and the entire web of life that lives on it. We the people will no longer serve as minions to the doctrine and domination of the Military-Industrial Capitalist EMPIRE. Money is being used to bully good people into bad actions and situations.

We can no longer afford to allow monetary concerns to run the show. We the People are committed to ending the corruption, wasteful and polluting practices while installing better ways to manage things.

“Until we change the way money works, we change nothing. 

The ONLY way to defeat Evil is to change the way money works. Eliminate fractional reserve banking, compound interest and fiat currency. These are the heart of the Infinite Growth Paradigm ”
 ~  Michael C. Ruppert


We create worthless electronic money out of nothing. Then we 
lend it out and charge interest on it. Then we make them give us their 
houses and real wealth when they can not pay.
Money is made out of nothing
At higher levels of finance it becomes less important where or how money is generated since it can be made from nothing, ‘out of thin air', just by typing into a computer. [19] 

Pyramid Ponzi schemes that promote profit for few and suffering for many continue unchecked by Justice or Balance because the money is ‘funny’. This is called an unfair advantage.

Tricks used by banks, are like a magician’s slight of hand to magically make a little into a lot. It looks like the rich are stealing from the poor.

Quantitative easing (QE) is a monetary policy in which a central bank creates new electronic money. “It means creating massive amounts of money out of thin air with the hope of getting the economy back on track.” [20]

When Money is made out of nothing it is time to have money represent nothing.

The Deck is Stacked
The American and World economy have grown fat on ill gotten gains. The ‘running’ of guns, drugs, sex and oil represent POWER and DIRTY MONEY. The money was obtained by immoral and dishonest means. The process of laundering the money wreaks even more havoc. The amount of money/profit generated by this illegal and illicit trade is HUGE, count in the TRILLIONS!  The deck is stacked by the ‘crooks’ because of the financial advantage they get from ‘playing’ with SO MUCH MONEY.

Bottom line; anyone not using this ‘dirty money’ just isn’t in the big money, high stakes game. This explains why Mom & Pop local stores struggle while ‘Big Box’ stores like Wal-Mart grow fat and spread internationally. They have an economic advantage and it is a BIG advantage.

“These species are unprofitable, so they will be laid off."  "Uh..can everything be measured in money?”

Money laundering, magically watch the money grow or how the rich get richer
The entire process of making ill gotten gains look like they are legal is called a cute name, money laundering. The name makes it sound like a simple, normal household chore we all take for granted. While this insidious process is distasteful and wasteful on so many levels, the result offers the executive criminals increasing influence, control, power and profiteering opportunities. [21],[22] Money laundering is a huge business draining the resources and dignity from all of us. 

Talk About a Racket
A racket [23] is when the business looks legitimate, yet it is operating as a front, meaning the front room is legal, while the criminal activity is transacted in the back room. A racket could be a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not exist or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. The racket creates the problem!

We have come to believe the big corporations got big because people worked hard at a good thing and they just grew. Good people still believe in the Great American Dream, anyone can make big money with hard work, smarts, and providing goods or services that people want or need. It’s a lovely dream except that’s not the way it works. Anyone NOT using illegal money is not in the game. So…it’s ALL a RACKET. Racketeering sends its nefarious intent and actions into every aspect of high finance and big business, EVERY ONE.

To better understand the insidious way racketeering has moved into high finance, Michael C. Ruppert gives a detailed college level presentation.
In December, 2000 at the request of Professor David Andrus of USC's School of International Relations, Michael C. Ruppert gave a lecture on economics, the real economics; fully documented, incontrovertible, and shocking. This is the place to start learning about what really drives the world and why death is more profitable than life under the economic paradigm requiring infinite growth.

Wall Street’s War for Drug Money

In the 20 years since this lecture was recorded, the illegal racketeering has escalated and become glaringly obvious.

Three of the biggest Rackets Going
The Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Reserve and the United Nations were set up and are run to serve the crooked P3 – Plundering Pirates of Profit. They are NOT interested in serving the needs of the people; they are only interested in profiteering for themselves and each other. In essence they ARE the dealers of drugs/sex/guns/war mongering/oil/profit. They aid and abet the ‘bad guys/people’; the ultimate drug lords, pimps, assassins, human traffickers, war lords, oil barons, who are hiding in the form of corporate personage.

It would be nice to believe the CIA is a bunch of really smart folks who keep up on the latest to guide high level decisions, etc. In reality, they handle these illegal transactions, under cover. So, foreign espionage really means moving the merchandise, drugs, sex traffic, guns, oil or whatever else kind of dirty work, such as: disposal of toxic/nuclear waste, conducting clandestine deadly experiments, dispensing people not favorable to EMPIRE. The agency is riddled with assassins and whores with a free pass to continue their nefarious business.[24]

The Federal Reserve System, often referred to as the Federal Reserve or simply "the Fed," is the central bank of the United States. It was created by the Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.[25]

Now we know the Federal Reserve provides a ‘racket’ (supposedly legit cover for illegal activity, in the back room) for the criminals to have their way with the “funny money”. The Federal Reserve System is a front for money laundering and worse. The fox likes to run the hen house.

The United Nations is a ‘racket’, it pretends to be humanitarian and offer an international forum for resolving differences. Behind the scenes it works for the interests of criminals, while ignoring the issues that relate to basic human rights. Case in point: The United Nations is allowing the continuing GENICIDE of the American Indian Nations. [26]

“Having failed to prevent genocide in Rwanda, and having stood aside as genocide was committed in Srebrenica, one would think the UN would have learned its lesson. Apparently not so. Mired in hopeless political fantasy, the UN is utterly incapable of protecting the world's besieged.” [27]

Looking at the BEST KEPT SECRET
That the CIA is running drugs, guns and more is one of Washington DC’s best kept secrets. It seems most everyone in Washington DC knows about it and many are profiting from it directly or indirectly. Still, no one seems able or willing to do anything about stopping this illegal and crippling trade. Most people are afraid to take a stand against this form of extreme criminal behavior, so it continues to grow unabated. Many who have tried to expose these crimes have been discredited and/or become victims of ‘murder/suicide’. Threats of retaliation are ever-present to anyone who attempts to ‘mess with’ the status quo of the flow of dirty money.

In the 90’s Gary Webb reported on CIA involvement in running drugs to buy guns.
“Webb’s investigation was published in the summer of 1996 in the San Jose Mercury News. In it, he reported that a drug ring that sold millions of dollars worth of cocaine in Los Angeles was funneling its profits to the CIA’s army in Nicaragua, known as the Contras.”[28] He wrote a book about all this called Dark Alliance.

The WAR on Drugs was a fraudulent racket, a massive ‘front’ set up to benefit the drug dealers.[29]

These are the Plundering Pirates of oil.


 Who are the BAD people?  No one, Mr. Nobody did it.
How can we identify these nefarious people and their ‘dirty money’? It’s certainly not one individual, or even a small group of secret schemers. It is a system of oppression built and maintained to benefit a few. Corporations in the form of persons, have a life of their own, with one goal, profit for shareholders.

The system isn’t broken, it was built that way.
It is a system of oppression,
structured and maintained to benefit a few.

To dismantle this System of Oppression we look with great scrutiny into the activities of any person or business operating with big profits and little worth. All holdings and transactions of excess $$$/profit are probably involved or derived from illicit funds. The deck is stacked against people operating outside the ‘circle of thieves’. Honest people are missing the amazing opportunities available from higher finance, Wall St and all the laundering benefits of the dominate crooks.

We are saying, the more revenue a person/corporation generates the more certain we can be that it is a bastion of illegally generated funds. Large wealth is the inevitable result of playing with a stacked deck. Billionaires have the trump card!

The targets of our initial investigations and activities to serve Justice will focus on all entities funding nuclear power plants and gas/oil pipelines.[30] Dismantling this detrimental pyramid/Ponzi scheme will serve to clean things up a lot. By following the money we can identify the true sources of our economic disparity.

Wealth Inequality and Restitution
Wealth inequality has reached intolerable levels. [31],[32] We the People are the victims of this extreme wealth inequality. The suffering of the people continues to grow. Our generous and beautiful planet is being trashed.
Trends show that the global economy is skewed in favor of the rich, rewarding wealth instead of work. The billionaire boom is not a sign of a thriving economy but a symptom of a failing economic system. The people who make our clothes, assemble our phones and grow our food are being exploited in order to enrich corporations. [33]

Restitution is a remedy designed to restore the injured party to the position occupied prior to the formation of the contract. [34]

It’s time to seek restitution for the many crimes that have left our people impoverished and suffering. Let’s explore three of the more insidious crimes; pollution, sale of opiates and stealing children.

The release of toxic material into the environment continues to grow unabated. Many families have lost loved ones to strange diseases such as: tumors, mutant growths, birth defects, cancer and all sorts of unexpected illness. Who benefits form all this pollution? What would restitution mean? Award a million dollars to every family who has suffered from the effects of pollution.

Pushing of Opiate Sales
The pushing of opiates into our communities generates income in the trillions. That’s more than all the money for taxes collected by the IRS. That’s a lot of money for ‘us’ (We the People) to loose and ‘them’ (Plundering Pirates of Profit) to gain. It is sucking the money and well-being out of our families and communities. Many families, regardless of economic status, have lost loved ones to this insipid crime. It is an American nightmare, inflicting great shame and hardship.
 With so much money at stake, the Plundering Pirates can ‘Have it Their Way”. Of course they want to keep the money rolling in and they control the media, the government, the corporations, the police, the military, international trade and more. It gives them a lot of influence in a society where money talks. Clandestine business is running the show.

The drug users get stuck in a vicious triangle of the systems of EMPIRE we call; Criminal Justice, Substance Abuse and Mental Health. What could happen if these people would get effective treatment and restitution? There would be a mass exodus from our ineffective and expensive corporate systems of prison and jail.  It costs a lot of money to house a prisoner for a year, ~30 to 35K per year, about twice as much as a person can earn at a minimum wage job full time, ~15K per year. There is also a lot of money going into the mental health and substance abuse services that prove largely ineffective along with expensive. Alternate therapies, both botanical and pharmaceutical have proven to assist some victims get away from this addiction. They are not in widespread use largely because of cultural taboos. What would restitution look like for the drug addict? How can we give a person back the life they might have had?

Stealing Children
For generations, Native American children have been stolen from their loving families. This is a form of genocide that continues to this day. It may be the most insidious crime of all. The children of immigrants are being separated from their families in present day. No amount of restitution can replace the child who has been stolen, broken and trashed.

As in the days of slavery, babies are the property of the slave’s owner. The dominant culture of domination will stop at nothing to make a buck, even stealing children from the arms of their parents.

Redistribute the fair share of real resources
In the story of Robin Hood, they would steal from the rich and give to the poor. We don’t want to steal from anyone. We state our case and when enough people realize the lies and cover-ups, actions can be formulated to begin the restitution process. It is hard to imagine how much has already been stolen from We the People. What will it take to restore the injured party when there are so many victims of economic disparity? We must redistribute the wealth. It’s time to look deeply into fair share, living wage and cooperative economics, as a start. Many of our economically challenged persons and families owe their poverty to the inhumane whims of the Plundering Pirates. For example: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills.[35] 

As we start with the wealthiest and redistribute their ill gotten gains to the victims, there is a range of scale here that means it won’t take long. Extremely large amounts of wealth are held by only a handful of families. The redistribution can occur without hurting anyone and all families will live well.

Monetary distribution that so strongly favors the undercover criminal and their illegally gotten gains must be stopped. No one is above natural law. Time to look at any and every business or person knowing the more $$$ they have to operate, the more criminal funding involved. We can proceed in a manner that compromises few and benefits many.

We the People will NOT tolerate continuing to do business with a STACKED DECK.
It’s time to change the game rules so anyone using ‘dirty’ money is OUT of the game
We the People must be able to move forward without the greedy tentacles of the dysfunctional, psychotic and criminal practices of EMPIRE.

Leave behind what does not serve
  • STOP - Feeding profit (doing things that ‘pay into profit’ – loans, credit card, mortgages)
  • STOP - Worshiping profit (Believing lots of money will bring all good things)
  • STOP - Using profit as a reason to do harmful things.
  • STOP - Waste. So much waste, generated by thoughtless, careless, efforts to make money.
  • STOP - War, period. All warfare is about protecting profit.


Finding a path to Collective Agreement
Our collective agreement must mature until we can agree that EARTH is a Sentient Being meaning the Earth is AWARE, conscious. We can accomplish more with a unified ideal like; “Be Kind to the EARTH.” We are all connected in the web of life. From this mature viewpoint we will no longer be able to plunder and pillage the resources of our planet. It actually becomes directly painful for the more AWARE human to experience this rape of our GRANDMOTHER Earth. This isn’t just some kind of silly notion. The leading edge of science is showing us how consciousness creates what we think of as the material world. The two are intrinsically entwined
with consciousness running the show. [36]

First cause no harm - Together we must agree to stop the massive ongoing damage.
Decisions made on the basis of profitability ignore the more important considerations of the Earth. The immature, greedy hoarders of money generated from the blood, sweat and tears of many, have brought us to a place where we are looking at the complete destruction of the web of life. The sixth mass extinction is pressing upon us.

We will no longer stand by idly and watch the rape of the natural world by the Military Industrial Empire as it dominates and destroys with no compunctions or fail-safes.

Clean air, water and earth are a necessity, this comes first.  Scrub this planet first.
Clean air and water are no longer available on this planet. No where, no how! The time is now to end everything that contributes to polluting the air, earth and water.

  • End poisoning the water and air with the pollution of oil glut, toxic mining, manufacture and distribution.
  • All aspects of commerce must become free from toxic matter and free from plundering pirates.
  • Encourage activities that generate free energy, that strive to clean up the oil-glut.
  • Look for the solutions that are not toxic to replace the toxic stream we now live in.
  • Live and work off-grid

We must re-structure our cultural beliefs; our set of living arrangements. Whether we call it our society or culture it is formed by collective ideology, beliefs and agreement. These cultural beliefs and attitudes are constantly changing. A meme is “a unit of cultural transmission”, meaning an idea, behavior, style or usage that spreads from one person to another in a culture. We can co-create a new way to be with each other by spreading ‘memes’ that promote living arrangements in communities with love as their heart. We must find better ways to get along with one another and live in a way that cleans up the mess. 

Take PROFIT out of driver’s seat
Madness and mayhem are caused by the feeding frenzy for more, More, MORE Money! It’s not serving the People and it is destroying our planet. Letting unchecked profit, the greed for money be in the drivers seat has driven us to wrack and ruin.
       Profit monger means a person, business or profession marked by avarice and greed.  
       Avarice means insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth.

Demystify Profit Mongers – make hoarding money illegal.
An insatiable greed for riches should not be encouraged. For example, the television show called ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ could be renamed, ‘Lifestyles of the Fearful, Greedy, Heartless Psychopaths that make life awful for most of the rest of us’. Identify the worst perpetrators and start there. The very worst perpetrators aren’t people at all; rather they are corporations, even institutions making the illegal legal. There is a long list of possible perpetrators. Let’s take a look at the dozens of financial institutions that are bankrolling nuclear power plants and the pipelines, including Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase. [37]

The funding for these big projects that harm the Earth and cause so much suffering for Earth’s People are generated by illegal and illicit thoughts and deeds. Talk about adding insult to injury. First the conquerors murder, rape, pillage to ‘take over’ a place or people, then they destroy the land, air and water. Whose great idea was all this mess?  Mr. Nobody

Plan for a balanced, clean Earth
No religion or political/economic/military entities are capable of engaging the bigger picture, planning for a balanced, clean earth. A special council of compassionate hearts and big thinkers are needed to guide the way, creating bio-regions managed by earth-friendly methods. From the local level to a more collective national and international focus, gathering people to steer the ship, guide the way. This could be called a grass roots movement.

“The tragic reality is that very few sustainable systems are designed or applied by those who hold power, and the reason for this is obvious and simple: to let people arrange their own food, energy and shelter is to lose economic and political control over them. We should cease to look to power structures, hierarchical systems, or governments to help us, and devise ways to help ourselves.”
-- Bill Mollison 

Immediate action required here.
  • Pull the PLUG on the power of profiteering
  • Stop using Nuclear Power Plants
  • Dismantle the energy grid. Wasteful, profiteering dinosaur.
  • Local generation and distribution of power.
  • End all oil/gas/bitumen pipelines.
  • Any shipping of hazardous material must be greatly restricted and monitored.
  • Examine every process, particularly of manufacture and distribution. Analyze based on its earth impact. If it helps and heals the earth, then OK. If it causes harm, must stop.
  • Love the ones we are with. People striving to care for each other and make sure everyone has a place to fit in will live a happier life.
  • Limit reliance on consumer goods and fossil fuels. Keep commerce local.
  • Do this NOW, right away, without delay.
  • Planned sustainable Peace Settlements offer a better way to live.
The best way to resist is to starve them by disinvesting in their profiteering schemes. Pull the plug on the power of profiteering.

Focus on eliminating waste.
The amount of waste generated by those who have plenty of money is abhorrent, immoral and should be criminal. It’s time to make better decisions. The unrestrained effort to MAKE profit causes a lot of waste. By addressing the issue of waste we can work to lessen the amount of damage it causes.

Start by slashing dramatically ALL unnecessary use of the BIG POWER grid and NON-renewable fossil fuels. Dial down, turn off the in a different way. All of us making small changes does make a difference.[38] We can have comfortable, satisfying lives using renewable and natural sources of power. Make it SO! It’s not that hard.

Re-purpose the POWER grid
The Plundering Pirates of Profit would like us to believe the BIG POWER GRID will work well for a long time. People want to believe this dangerous, wasteful, and destructive method of power generation and distribution will never fail. Yet it must and will fail because it has grown too big, too fast and we can do better now that we are smarter. The big electrical grid is simply NOT SUSTAINABLE. We have 10 years, if that, for the antiquated system to keep working. It is time for an overhaul of how we generate and deliver power.

The current power grid is wasteful, old and decrepit. It was never set up to be of service to the people, it was set up by the P3 (plundering pirates of profit) to benefit themselves (with lots of money). Many have tried to deliver ‘current’ in other ways than the status quo, only to have their work sabotaged or worse. We can do better at providing energy. We the People will have a comfortable and satisfying set of living arrangements, living off the big grid, in style.

End Slavery
Stop serving (working for) the elite. Serve (work for) our own benefit, the benefit of our own families and local communities. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. Life is meant to be a playground. This is the planet of love. The earth is bountiful and giving. No one should have to work as a slave. We all have specific gifts and talents. It is a more fulfilling lifestyle to be able to explore and manifest from our space of talent, rather than working a job we do not like to get a paycheck that is never enough. Many of the jobs available serving EMPIRE offer dangerous or toxic environments and/or are doing activities that harm the planet and each other.

We can and must end other more blatant forms of slavery like human trafficking (selling people for sex) and our antiquated prison system of slavery and cultural oppression. We can do better. Yet, until we Pull the Plug on the Power of Profiteering to stop the massive hemorrhage of negative results from criminal cartels operating in conjunction with much of our government, there can be little change in these areas.

Use Co-operation, Love, Humility and Kindness to guide our way.
Love is a universal emotion,[39] intrinsic to the human experience. Emotions are real, they have an influencing effect. Emotions can motivate a lot, including thoughts, words and actions. Love is the glue of our shared experience. Love is the reason for our connection. Decide the direction of our actions by how much it will benefit and make OUR lives better from the point of view of making our lives more filled with loving connections. This is a collective co-creation. Love of self must include love of our shared planet, each other and nature as a delicate web of life, and the source of our supply.

Love of family, friends and community is the basic foundation of a thriving community. All our lives are interconnected, interdependent. Giving consideration to the amount of love and compassion in our hearts is better than measuring our net worth.

“In today’s world, people experience two types of poverty: the poverty caused by lack of food, clothing and shelter, and the poverty caused by lack of love and compassion. Of these two, the second type needs to be considered first because if we have love and compassion in our hearts, then we will wholeheartedly serve those who suffer from lack of food, clothing and shelter.”      Amma[40]

Addressing resistance and apathy
Most people reading the above will have a variety of reactions. Most common: ‘That will never happen.” or “How do you propose to make the necessary changes?” They will agree that what we have isn’t working, yet there doesn’t seem to be much vision or consensus on how to proceed. Many people are afraid if things change it will mean deprivation, chaos and hunger. Issues of apathy abound fueled by the many times people have tried to make a difference and not been successful.

We need to imagine and plan for the possibility of a happier way to live and know that little steps, consistently and intelligently placed can lead us to where we want to go. We don’t want to fight City Hall, we want to love City Hall, our neighbors and ourselves. We are the people City Hall is supposed to be serving. We the People will make a shift in our set of living arrangements by working together and getting along.

Being Able to Get Along
“I” am not going to ‘do it’. No one person alone can shift a culture. We want to learn to get along with each other as co-creators. We must eliminate the dominator presence in our culture/society and move to creatively construct the life we would rather be living.

Learning to get along is the most important task at hand.

We will need to be able to form collective decisions, fair share economically, as we are co-creating the way forward. This is a group sport, all hands on deck. It will take all of us rowing in the same direction to cross this river of discontent and oppression and get where we want to go.

No Taxation without Representation.
We are not represented by the current regime of the elitist military/corporate profit/war machine that wants to spend OUR money in ways WE do NOT support. We reject all activity/enterprise that harms, poisons, disrupts and murders life on this planet. It really is a rather small world after all. We can no longer tolerate the mess that gets made by the people who don’t seem to care. Owning private property does NOT give anyone permission to foul the planet. We the People will not stand by idle while our money is spent by others who have no respect for the planet of our birth.

No taxation without representation was one of the main slogans for the American Revolution. “Why should American colonists pay taxes to England when they had no representation in the English Parliament?” Back then the British were not happy with this and it’s the same in our time. The people holding the cards/money will not like it when we just walk away and stop paying their tribute. Yet no one can hold back the dawn when it’s time for the sun to rise.

Imagine THIS: Debt relief
Forgive and relieve student loans and tax debt. We have been tricking our young people into thinking a college education will bring a job making enough money, then offer high interest credit that becomes a dead weight preventing financial success. There is reference in the Bible to a ‘jubilee year’ where all debt is forgiven.
Phase out credit cards that charge interest. We can use credit cards in a way that doesn’t generate interest. Imagine mortgages that only require the borrower to pay back the principle.

A Guiding Council to plan and prepare at all levels; local, regional, national and international. 
As we experience the collapse of the military/industrial infrastructure there needs to be a collaborative effort to mitigate the potential for chaos and guide us to safer shores. The Guiding Council will be the decision making body for co-creating our better way of living as we learn to apply the Peacemaker ways.

Using methods for reaching consensus, co-creating a better way, this council will look under the carpet of corruption causing our economic disaster, chase away the vermin by using the voice of reason; based on natural law and actual resources.

The first and most important job for this council is to make sure the all nuclear reactors are shut down, decommissioned. This collaboration will allow us to move forward in a good way, faster and farther. 

Re-wilding common land
Phase out ownership of large tracts of land to be returned to their natural state for the benefit of all living things. Establish common land that lets people travel by foot and in non motorized vehicles. There needs to be a network of these foot/bike paths going north, south, east and west.

Before the onslaught of colonization, private ownership of land did not exist. Over the course of about 300 years, land ownership has become the prevailing paradigm. Treaties have been created to bargain for vast expanses of land. Then the treaties were intentionally ignored. We say the treaty was broken, we say white man speak with forked tongue, meaning the treaties were always a lie. The land was acquired by fraud, avarice and a lot of intentional genocide toward anyone who stood in the way of ‘progress’, meaning privatization. 

A large amount of land has been stolen (acquired by force) in order to favor the process of growing cattle for meat. Full military force is used to dominate this possession of the land. It is a sad time to watch this absurd reality of immature and irrational people stealing the land and then trashing it, using it poorly to feed a few and starve many.

The grip of Profiteering Colonialism has privatized the land, our earth to the point where every scrap of land is private. Animals, including people who want to roam or who rely on roaming to get survival needs met must have the space to travel and access to the wild areas. We The People need large swaths of land where the Buffalo and all wild things can roam.

Choose, we have a choice
We choose (vote) every day, in every way by every little thing we do. We vote by how we spend each dollar. We vote by how we react and what we desire. Our thoughts, along with actions shape the course of our future, every day in every way.

The time is now to choose a better way of getting along with each other. We are choosing to live in a way that heals ourselves and the earth. Many have gone ahead to prepare the nest. When we put our shared efforts into following the way we know in our hearts is right, much can be accomplished. First we must END the massive amount of economic oppression we are experiencing from the profit mongers of EMPIRE who seem hell bent on the destruction of the web of life on this planet. There is no one little band-aid, no quick stop-gap solution. Only the abolishment of the power of profiteering will allow the many seeds of spring to take root and grow in a pleasing way.

While the infrastructure of EMPIRE is collapsing, the foundation for EARTHERS is growing and thriving. More and more people are achieving the shift of consciousness that allows and impels each of us to just walk away from Empire and trust ourselves. We do this by living a life of EASE, honoring ‘Earth as a Sentient Entity’. We do this one choice at a time.

Choose to plug into the magnificence of being human on the planet of LOVE.

Empower the individual
Re-empowering the individual, while dis-empowering the profile of corporations and institutions is something we can each do individually. Take a comprehensive inventory of personal practices and attitudes. Look at our lifestyle practices and the activities in our own local communities to measure the impact of our actions on the earth. 

Answer these questions: for yourself personally and for your community and even nation.
Who am I?   Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Where are we going? 
How do we choose to live?

Take control with a fearless lifestyle inventory.
Making even small changes in the direction of protecting the earth are significant, especially when a lot of people are making these changes. We are forming a collective voice and we do have a choice.

·             Assess the amount of income in the household earned from profiteering.
·             Assess your lifestyle relative to its carbon footprint, or amount of processes or products being used that deplete the earth
·             Identify a list of polluting, wasteful practices and seek to eliminate them in your home and community.
·             Identify a list of healing, non-polluting and cleaning up practices and seek to promote them.
·             What is the impact on the earth of all that we do? 
·             Assess yourself, your talents, abilities, what brings you joy. Humans are born with fantastic talents. We are all so much more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
Albert Einstein 

No one should have to pay rent to live on this planet EARTH
Planning sustainable, self-sufficient communities, called Peace Settlements will offer big relief, fast, cheap and easy. We the People are co-creating plans to Live Rent Free in a Safe Place to Be.

Give Peace a Chance!
With the end of profiteering, we can look forward to the end of war, since all wars have been fought to protect profit.[41] War can be stopped effectively only by taking the profit out of war.
Humanity must mature into a more successful reasoning animal or die trying.

'All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal.' - John Steinbeck 

The Peacemaker Way [42]
We already have a time tested method of allowing people to live in peace. The US Constitution was drafted attempting to use The Peacemaker Way. Sadly, the draft was superceded by the P3, the Plundering Pirates of Profit, altering many of the key elements. This opened the door for evil ways to undermine The Peacemaker Way, and lead us to the miserable predicament we find ourselves stuck in now. We look to The Peacemaker Way as a time honored method of achieving our goals of peace.

We the People are Many
We acknowledge the many, many people who are walking away from the chaos of empire and a culture of domination. We are the people who are tired of watching the rape of the world. We are in a process of collecting our energy by strengthening the bonds of love that are already laid. There are countless people all over the globe who are already living a life of EASE, Earth As Sentient Entity. The groundwork and foundation are already in place. It’s time to acknowledge ‘The Shift’ from a culture of domination to one of compassion. Learning about alternative life styles and presenting the choices that allow us to walk away from Empire: unlearning, re-thinking and connecting the dots to a brighter future. Light bringers are everywhere and growing brighter. This is a grass roots movement. No one is smarter than all of us. We offer the hands of many and we will cross the river.

“It'll take a lot more than words and guns
A whole lot more than riches and muscle
The hands of the many must join as one
And together we'll cross the river.”  
Lyrics from the song: The Humbling River - Puscifer

Simply asking to live in Peace
We are not planning a revolution; we have simply evolved into a more mature form of human being. Being human, being connected as authentic humans, free to be, you and me. We the People are legion, we are in place to ease the shift, to teach and lead. Most importantly, we are learning and shifting into living a life on this earth that honors ourselves, each other and the ‘land that feeds us’, the ‘Mother/Father of us all’, the place of our birth, Earth.

We the People are US

Long live the people who love the EARTH

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