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Good News for Doomers - Getting stoned without drugs

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This one’s for you Guy, my hero and friend.

Guy McPherson is a real doomer. He has been warning the entire handful of people who will listen about the very real peril of empire, industrial civilization and climate change. He thought if people knew about the iceberg we could change course and miss it. He recently came to the same conclusion many of us have. It’s too late. The iceberg is dead ahead. It’s not the end of the world but it IS looking like humans will soon become extinct on this planet, like the many other species that are gone forever, more and more each day that passes.

So isn’t it time for some good news? You know what Einstein had to say – “can’t solve problems from the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” We have to get to – what – a higher space? That’s the good news. We can and should all be getting high, naturally. We humans are intended to live our lives stoned out of our gourds. Hey. Don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger. Watch this 5 min video called “Getting Stoned, Without Drugs – Sadhguru.” He lays it all out.

Yes, there are ways, methods and technologies to release naturally occurring chemicals ‘drugs’ and there are millions of receptors in the brain just sitting there ready to gobble them up and get high. Danny Searle talks about stimulating the pineal gland in part 6 of an 8 part presentation. He believes stimulating the pineal will awaken or perhaps energize the dormant DNA, the junk DNA. All of this is happening to take us to a higher place we are calling ascension. Danny then explains and demonstrates one way to stimulate the pineal gland by like humming. I suspect there are many ways to stimulate the pineal gland, most of them easy and quick. More on that later.

This is called “The Mechanics of Ascension – Danny Searle full 8 parts”. Part 6 has the info about the pineal gland and how to activate it. It starts around minute 46

There was a Hollywood style movie released in March 2011 called Limitless where a down on his luck guy takes a pill and becomes like a genius. He cleans up his act and is capable of seemingly super human abilities. He learns things quickly, remembers everything and figures out solutions with great rapidity. Now imagine the possibility that this naturally occurring substance that is freely available to everyone will enhance the emergence of the greater Conscious Awareness. With this Greater Awareness we can rise to a place were solutions will become apparent, obvious and implement-able.

In case you still need convincing, here is another one that hits the nail on the head. Bashar – DMT Pineal Gland Activation

Whatever the future holds in terms of solving this earthly crisis, however many days we have left, I say, let’s get high! Might as well, what do we have to loose? There is nothing illegal about getting a buzz from my own pineal gland. Actually, I started doing the hum thing Danny Searle recommended a couple of months ago, with satisfying results. Since then have found some other techniques that may have a similar effect. So, am basically high a lot the time and want to tell you the water is FINE. Come on in. But take notice, Sadhguru is right about we need to learn to handle it. Imagine that, so much pleasure, what to do with it - truly a delicious dilemma. So, take it slow and easy and have Fun! It’s the right thing to do, the right way to go.

Guess what? I did smoke pot when I was younger. No surprise there. It does allow me a perspective to compare the buzz from pot with this natural high. Without a doubt, in my opinion the cannabis high is a dim candle to how nice this natural high can be. First of all it doesn’t really interfere with being able to ‘function’ like drive a car, talk on the phone or get work done. Really I’m getting more done. Actually even cleaned my bedroom from stem to stern and that doesn’t happen often. Next will clean the car, let me at it! And look, am writing this blog post. It’s easy to slip from being buzzed to not and back again, no problem. But guess where I’d rather be? Laughing, dancing, singing, meditating, playing in the garden, and appreciating in gratitude the grandeur of this planet.

Am reminded also of taking acid when I was in my late teens early twenties, it was enjoyable. I kind of just stopped because there was like a strange metal edge to it that didn’t feel right. This new pineal gland ‘buzz’ is kind of like taking acid, but so much softer, so pleasant, an indescribable sweetness. It’s just plain GOOD to be alive. Colors seem brighter and light more vivid; the beauty of this world becomes overwhelming. Heightened senses and emotions and yes I seem to just KNOW stuff, ideas are becoming available.

Listen to this, Abraham Hicks – Vortex Relationships. It may not be specifically about the pineal gland or getting high but it does describe how to get into and stay into a higher realm of consciousness.
“Being in The Vortex I feel like I’m on top of the world…I feel whole, I feel connected to.. to the world, like I can feel my soul, I can feel that everything is right, whatever I ask for is right there, I feel elated, I feel centered, I feel grounded, I feel all knowing…”

How to do IT, first get ready:
If after reading this far if you are interested in trying for your self here are some thoughts on guidelines and technique.

STOP WATCHING BROADCAST TV, especially stuff with commercials.

Taking any kind of drugs, prescription or street drugs, even alcohol may cloud things, meaning make the pineal gland buzz less effective..

It may require a certain mastery over strong base emotions like anger and fear, hatred and jealousy to name a few. These strong, denser emotions will likely supersede any semblance of the subtle lighter higher consciousness.

Do techniques to increase connection to the earth and all of creation. This may take a form of what people think of as spiritual practice, or make your own up.

How to do IT, a few ideas:
Humming as described by Danny Searle in Part 6 of The Mechanics of Ascension

Overtone Chanting, do a search and find lots of info and YouTube demos of this, often called Tibetan or Buddhist overtone chanting.

Roll head side to side, gently – think Stevie Wonder
Roll head side to side and dance, get the whole body into the groove.

Shaking the head – some – not too much. Don’t wanna rattle your brain.

Being in love – think of meeting and being with your perfect lover in the vortex.

Hang around someone who is already “there.” Someone like my beloved Amma, the Dali Lama, Sadguru, Karunamayi to name a few. Simply being in their presence ‘rubs off.’

Here is the interesting one:
Sanskrit in general - specifically chanting. There is a Sanskrit pop rock group called Shanti Shanti. They coined the phrase, “The Sanskrit Buzz.” They found people listening to them as they perform chanting Sanskrit would ‘get high’ after only 10-15 minutes and this affect seemed to be universal to all people. They were performing at a high school when some of the rowdy kids showed up. Rather than interrupting the show, the behavior they were notorious for, they stood transfixed at the back of the auditorium and after the show were uncharacteristically peaceful and pleasant.
Just listening to Sanskrit will have the effect, (whether in person or from recording) yet chanting along yourself is even more fun. There is a traditional way of teaching Sanskrit where it is chanted once by the teacher, and then repeated twice by the student. Here is a great place to find the more traditional Sanskrit chants,
Many people enjoy Sanskrit chanting in a form called Kirtan. Krishna Das is a famous performer of this kind of repetition of small phrases or mantras to pleasant musical accompaniment.

The bottom line for finding your bliss is to WANT TO. Wanna?

Madonna Ray of Light
This is a good song to let your self dance, really move that BOO thing. Shake it up. After dancing, feel what that feels like. What you may notice is this ‘buzz’ is actually a very familiar feeling. Something I believe we have all experienced often in this lifetime, some more than others. Notably, it feels like home, it feels like a comfortable place to be.  
Thank you Madana – you are AWEsome!

So Guy, back to you.  
I do know we are living at THIS time and watching a disaster we have long seen coming. The empire is collapsing all around us. What can we DO? All effort seems futile in the face of this impending doom. A Facebook friend wrote on your wall recently, “BE-AM me up Scotty, I am TIRED of this planet.” Sadly Scotty is nowhere to be found, but maybe she will enjoy getting herself a good buzz on. I know that’s right, beam your own self up, girlfriend.

We got little left but hope, so here’s hoping for a miracle. Meanwhile, might as well make the best of waiting for mass extinction and learn to get ourselves high as a kite.

Don’t worry, be happy! It’s all about the climb.

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