Sunday, October 14, 2012

Upload the new paradigm OS Operating System

Submission by (grandma) Gma KoKo a subsidiary of

On Saturday October 13 at 10am EDT Inelia Benz of asked volunteers to upload the new paradigm OS and write it in our mother tongue. I sat in silence for about an hour and will record what was present or would we say presented?

The experience was a wonderful meditation, deep and resplendent with some richly detailed imaging. There was a specific and lengthy cleansing and empowerment of the charkas, including the implanting of a few crystals and gems.

After the meditation I chose to rest and daydream. Before long, in my imagination (image-a-nation) a vehicle arrived with a couple people. They got out and matter of factly dropped off a plain looking smallish suitcase. Intuitively knew it contained things to be unpacked later.

There is a lot of talk these days about collapse; of industrial civilization, collapse of the global economy. Without the lifeblood of cheap fossil fuels the over bloated giants will be no more.

What I saw was more of a crumble or swept away, not like a fierce or violent wind such as a tornado or hurricane. It was very gentle. Everything, EVERYTHING! That contributed in any way to the poison; polluting of water, air, oceans, land, anything – everything that harms beloved Gaia will simple disappear, be taken out of being. The vision was more like a giant vacuum cleaner just sucking it all away. There was kind of like little brooms or some wind just making sure all the crumbs got close enough to the mouth of the vacuum cleaner and it just sucked it all away.

The new OS simply sprouts and naturally grows into being, like springtime in the garden. Each person is already being empowered. Many people the world over are simply turning their will over to a higher power. Exactly like step 3 of 12 steps – turn our will and our lives over to the care of a Higher Power.

The most important part of the new OS is the ability to interact with the Earth with Conscious Awareness. The emergence of the Conscious Awareness of our interaction, our connection to our home planet, Earth, Gaia is the key to the disbanding of Empire. Everything about industrial civilization that directly harms the planet directly harms us. By gaining a global perspective of our connectivity, this Conscious Awareness provides a beacon of light.

It’s not about fighting or revolt or one side being right or wrong. It’s about each person, one by one connecting directly to their own Higher Power, their own divinity. This is made possible by people consciously connecting to the home planet source Gaia and each other, each as dots that make a whole.

As each person connects to the Planet and Higher Power they find the limitless source of  creativity, joy, satisfaction and huge amounts of knowledge, insights, ingenuity, ingeniousness and a whole array of abilities (heretofore considered paranormal) that are in fact, the natural birthright of humans. Each one teaches one (or more). As soon as one person starts radiating this higher vibration, 10 more around them burst forth into flower. It is like a flower blooming as people learn to use and become what this new OS is providing.  

This is BIG, Really BIG! So BIG I am moved to tears of gladness. People we are all so much more grand and powerful than we ever imagined.

Like flowers, fruit and veggies in the garden, each individual is encouraged, nurtured and allowed to excel. People - be all you want to be, all you are born to be.
God, make me an instrument of thy peas.
Where there is hatred, let me sow turnups
Where there is injury, yellow squash
Where there is dobt, cabbage
And so it goes...

We have been in prison. We have walked thru hell and now that time is over. The chains, restrictions and fears are fading into transparency. Simply fading, have faded - going, going GONE!

We are now empowered to receive an open source operating system so we can build a better way to behave as a society. The vestiges of religion and government have no power. No more taxes and tithes. People connected to the earth and connected to each other can feed, clothe, house, care for and educate ourselves and each other while loving the planet that we call home. We can live in peace and harmony so much more easily without a dictator type government, corporate travesty and religious disempowerment.

We can do it ourselves, in love. More than love – LOVE on steroids! Amrita is a Sanskrit word for nectar or sweetness beyond all expectation.

After the upload meditation, I feel full and empowered. Plan to join again next week, Sat. Oct 20, 2012.

Notes about the charka cleanse, balance and empowerment.
The first three charkas were simple and straight forward, a sense of power and light filling them, like blowing thru and like a brush to brush them out. The third chakra felt larger than regular. The fourth charka, the heart felt very different. It was like entering a large expansive sphere with a constant drum beat softly, lub dub, lub dub. The sound of this beat resonating from cradle to grave. Inside that balloon-like sphere, resting on a tiny cushion of no-time-space sat an object best described as a kernel (a choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience). This tiny seed, so small and so large all at the same time offered itself like a gateway.
For the throat chakra, right away something was placed there. At first it seemed like a crystal, in retrospect it may have been more like some kind of device. It seemed multifaceted and radiated light beams. Thousands of radiant crystal light beams all moving in every direction, like tiny spotlights, most of them pointing upward.

The sixth chakra was filled with light and a crystal placed there. At the time I recognized what kind of crystal and was glad for it, well amazed really. At this time of writing I can’t remember what material it is. The shape is more oval with some cone shape, one end wider than the other. Having it placed there felt good, it felt empowering. I can still feel it there even as I am writing.

The 7th chakra just poured me back into the meditative space.

There are many excellent chakra balancing opportunities available.
This one is nice, I love the graphics and tones.

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